Sri Lankan origin Canadian Beauty: Anne Khan

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By: Hasitha Fernando

She looks at you. An alluring gaze she does possess; which arrests and mesmerizes.  Beguiling are her beautiful, soft features that are accentuated by her mysterious and enchanting smile. Yet with a disposition of warmth and a down-to-earth charm that is all her own, she puts you completely at ease. She is Anne Khan.


Boasting an origin that includes a parentage of Afghan and Sri Lankan, this talented beauty is now making waves in her current home country of Canada. A well rounded individual of varied interests, Anne was home schooled most of her life, as her family was constantly moving. But this became a blessing in disguise as she was able to graduate nearly six months ahead of schedule.  Barely after concluding her studies she started her professional carrier in February 2011. Following a brief yet successful meeting Anne was offered a job to host interview segments for Caravan TV, an Afghan TV show based in Vancouver. This job stint acted as a stepping stone for all her future endeavors and in the wake of her success as a television anchor Anna received many offers from modeling agencies the world over and have so far been featured in magazines from USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Not one to rigidly conform to fashion trends for the mere fact that they are ‘new’ or ‘trendy’ Anne has her own unique sense of style which is simplistic yet chic. “My favorite model of all time is Cindy Crawford. She possesses a beauty that is both timeless and exudes pure elegance,” Anne responded when asked who has greatly inspired her work as a model.


But although this talented beauty enjoys modeling; her main priority lies in completing her studies, where she is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology along with a minor in Inclusive studies. Spending quality time with her family too, in her opinion is something that she places a great importance on. “My greatest inspiration in life, for any type of work I do, is to be able to give back to my family and boyfriend. They are very loving and supportive in all decisions I make. Without them, I can’t say I would be where I am today. They also constantly push me and encourage me to do better.  I think this  is really important, as I find it crucial to try to compete with yourself and only compare yourself to a previous version of who you were, and grow from there.”

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A stickler for keeping fit, she adheres to a strict fitness regimen on a daily basis and is particularly fond of yoga. Following the conclusion of each of these workouts, Anne indulges in a cup of green tea with honey. “It’s one of my favourite things and keeps me refreshed throughout the day,” she adds.  Her passion for fitness however, has not in any way restricted her eating habits.  A self professed food junkie by nature she loves trying out different kinds of food from all over the world. “I love Asian cuisine – sushi, wonton soup and stir fried noodles being some of my favorite dishes. When it comes to South Asian food, I enjoy samosas, palak paneer, coconut shrimp curry and naan. I also think ‘Gol gappay’ is the tastiest snack I have ever had!” A real home bird in disposition, she loves a healthy dose of her mother’s own cooking. “My mother’s cooking style is a fusion of sorts. She uses Sri Lankan spices but creates her own variations that are inspired from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I just love it!” she says with a smile. And as much as she enjoys eating food, Anne also takes great joy in cooking as well and considers it one of her favorite hobbies.

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Although Anne has yet to visit Sri Lanka and Afghanistan –the two countries that her parents hail from- that has not deterred her keen interest in researching on them and keeps herself updated on events happening in those countries. “I have a lot of family living in Sri Lanka and would love to see the house and area where my mom grew up. I think both countries possess their own unique beauty. Their respective cultures, people, food and music have all become things that I’ve come to love and respect,” she says.


Apart from her studies and modeling Anne serves as a contributing writer for South Asian Woman and writes on a vivid array of topics ranging from fashion to food and drink. She also enjoys dancing and drawing in her spare time.


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