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Fashion and philanthropy are two words one is unlike to ever come across in the same sentence. Yet this is exactly what the gorgeous Diana Yureni has gone out and accomplished.  Glamorous, yet down to earth; with an alluring beauty that is all her own, she’s an individual who would go out of her way to help the less privileged. “I consider myself a philanthropist; every year when I go to Sri Lanka, I do all forms of voluntary work to alleviate the suffering of people in need,” she says.

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Although born and raised in France-where she spent her childhood-she takes great pride in the fact that she is still, very much Sri Lankan. Having represented Sri Lanka in two major beauty pageants in France; namely Miss Sri Lanka in France 2012 and Miss Sri Lanka in Europe 2014 where Diana won numerous titles, she says that, “The reason I took part in these pageants wasn’t to get a crown; but to represent my country which I both honor and respect.”

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The two afore mentioned pageants that she won, were in aid of cancer patients and those suffering from kidney disease in Sri Lanka. “It was also done as a personal gesture to my mother. She was instrumental in raising me with Sri Lankan values, instilling its rich culture within me and taught me to appreciate our vast history and heritage. This isn’t an easy thing to do, when you are living in a western country. And for that I’m eternally grateful,” she added.

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(Contd. in US Lanka Magazine)



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