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A combination of intellect, beauty and compassion is not something one is inclined to come across when concerning the world of fashion. But this dazzlingly radiant and effervescent beauty is just that, and then some. Shalini Rajapakse is no stranger to the fashion world. After migrating to Germany to pursue her higher education she returned to Sri Lanka to pursue one of her childhood dreams- to take part in the Miss Sri Lanka Beauty pageant. “Before starting my university course studies, I had to complete a German language course, which took me one and half years. At that time I missed Sri Lanka terribly and decided to go back for a break. I thought that this time period would be perfect to pursue my childhood dream. So I decided to go for it. And that was how it all began,” she says. Shalini emerged First Runners up in the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World pageant in 2010. Following this success, she was involved in innumerable photo shoots for various magazines, appeared in TV shows and commercials and modeled for prestigious brands such as Adidas & Burberry.


After her brief stint of two and half years in the Sri Lankan modeling industry Shalini went back to Germany to conclude her studies. She is currently on her sixth semester in International Business Management, majoring in Finance and Accounting. “The first reason I chose to study in Germany was because I wanted to learn the language and get to know their unique culture; the second reason is because I love travelling and Germany borders nine countries. So I have access to nine different countries in Europe by train!” she responded enthusiastically, when asked why she chose to study there.


Recently Shalini signed an agreement with ‘Indeed Models’ a modeling agency based in Berlin which is where she currently models. “At the moment I don’t have huge plans for the future. I’m happy with what I’m doing right now. I hope to return back to Sri Lanka one day, but my main focus right now, is to concentrate and finish my studies,” she added.


An ardent animal lover by nature, she hopes one day have a place of her own in Sri Lanka, large enough so that it can be a refuge for stray dogs in her neighborhood.  She also loves dancing, cooking and is a vegetarian who enjoys Calabrian cuisine and of course, all things Sri Lankan.


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