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When we hear the name ‘Srimali Fonseka’ it brings back to our memories the honor and glory she bestowed upon this country by winning the Mrs. Sri Lanka 2012 and Mrs. Asia International 2012 contest which was held in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.  By profession a beauty consultant she is also passionate on the subject of fashion designing.

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After she became Mrs. Sri Lanka she got more involved with charity work mainly involving children. Her vision is to uplift the life of those children who do not get adequate love, financial support and proper education. She also works as an actress and a fashion model. Recently she was appointed as one of the judges, to select the beauty queen for the Miss Global Sri Lanka International 2014 beauty contest that was organized by Boston Lanka where the winner will take part in the International contest to be held in Jamaica during December 2014.

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(Contd. in Jan. 2015 Issue )

By: Heshan Perera


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