Sewwandi: Model Lawyer

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Sewwandi Ranasinghe is not a name exclusive to the modeling world. In fact, modeling is simply a hobby for her and her first experience originated at a bridal photo shoot. She is a Law graduate from the University of Colombo and is a practicing lawyer.  Sewwandi is from the city of Kalutara and attended Sri Sumangala Girls’ School Panadura. Succeeding in the SLBC ‘Lama Pitiya’ auditions in 1996 allowed her to participate in various television and radio children’s programs. Upon joining Muthuhara Rupavahini Programme, held by the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation in 1997, Sewwandi was awarded a special merit for an all island announcing competition. She was able to work simultaneously as a programme presenter at the Independent Television Network (ITN) and pursue her law degree. Moving onto work for four years as a news presenter at Swarnawahini, she resigned in 2006 in order to take oath as a lawyer. After working for a year as a junior lawyer, Sewwandi joined the army as a legal offices captain in 2010.

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Sewwandi is a part-time writer, currently writing a novel and additionally enjoys dancing as a hobby. Although Sewwandi leads a busy life she attempts to not forgo her talents and interests with careful time management and dedication.

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Written by: Nimesha Rathnayake

Photographs by: Naddeshka Ranasinghe



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