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Singer. Dancer. Song Writer. Entrepreneur. With chiseled features that accentuate her radiant beauty and an ethereal singing voice, this talented twenty two year old has taken the Sri Lankan music industry by storm. She has mesmerized the audiences with her unique performances and charmed all with and her hypnotic allure. She is Shermaine Willis.

She first started singing at the tender age of six and was a very popular singer even in her school days. Forced to learn keyboard by her father she made a millions and one excuses to quit classes back in the day, and was not very fond of books or studying. Her role model is Nicole Scherzinger of ‘Pussy Cat Dolls’ fame and it is abundantly obvious her sexy and seductive performing style is greatly inspired by her role model.


Music as she sees it is an art of expressing one’s emotions, thoughts and a medium of communication. Primarily a pop artist, she has now branched off to explore other musical genres such as Hip Hop, RnB and EDM. And recently she has started dabbling with entrepreneuring by opening her very own restaurant- Deen’s Kitchen.

With a vigorous work ethic and a driven commitment to perfecting her art she has overcome innumerable obstacles to be where she is today.
Her long time goal is to become commercially successful locally and internationally and also to become a successful woman and inspire young female musicians who are genuinely talented by encouraging them to shine.
USLanka: How do you balance dancing and singing both at the same time? 

Well, it’s quite challenging because when I take the stage I have to focus on my choreography, positions, lyrics, and interaction with the audience. For me it’s the preparation. I rehearse till my feet bleed,  I rehearse till I know I’m confident enough to pull it off.


USLanka: What are the recent projects you’ve undergone and are there any upcoming items?

I released my debut Sinhala song ‘Giniyam Rae’ produced by The Sherifs, and it’s featuring Iraj and Kaizer, who’s an upcoming rapper. It’s got a new sound; it’s something new and rare. I took a huge risk by releasing it and fortunately people love it. Right now we’re in the middle of the production of the music video, it’s sexy, exotic and I can’t wait for my fans to see it.

USLanka: What was the best experience you have encountered in your career thus far?

Opening for the American recording artist, actress and television personality ‘Nicole Scherzinger’ in Maldives, is in my opinion the best experience. It was amazing to see my idol and inspiration in the flesh and having to perform onstage beside her and seeing her swaying to my performance, telling me “what a performance”.


(Cont. in Jan 2015 Issue)

By: Heshan Perera

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