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The glistening, black leather outfit cleaves dangerously to her curves. Her silky black hair billows behind her dramatically as she shimmers towards you. The steely ‘click-clack’ of her stilettos; the only sound, which echoes in the silence. She arrests you with her piercing gaze and enchants you with her mysterious smile. Yet in her steady hands are two sleek jet black guns and they are trained…on YOU. She is dressed to kill. These aren’t excerpts from the script of the next Hollywood action extravaganza, but rather a description of the newest concept being explored by Eshani Diana Jayapala and her visionary team.

Eshani 2

“It wasn’t a conceptual shoot per se but I’ve always wanted to do something like this. A female version of James Bond, if you will. It’s basically about this ‘heroine’ whom we fashioned after Angelina Jolie’s character in Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” says Manakal Wijayapala, the mastermind behind this unique concept. “We felt that Eshani would be the perfect person to showcase this concept. She possesses the steely resolute, the feminine grace and inherent glamour required of the title character” he added.

Eshani 8

Eshani 4

(Contd. in US Lanka magazine)

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