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In the star-spangled show-biz arena, we catch glimpses of frivolous actresses glimmering dazzlingly with glint and glitz but have transient glamour. Rarely do we encounter a starlet who, in an extremely short period of time, has gained stardom and carved out a niche for herself in the world of celebrities! Luckily we met such an artist, naturally endowed with special ability and talent, in the limelight today, and selected her to adorn the cover of our 2nd edition of Us Lanka!

Nehara 7

When we made the acquaintance of our cover-girl Nehara, it was apparent that in addition to allure, she also possesses exceptionally high intelligence! “We should never go behind popularity,” she says, “We must try to increase our worth by being dedicated to our work and doing our best as actors or actresses. Then inevitably, popularity will seek us!” She added confidently. Good advice to the wannabe-stars!

Nehara 5

We were curious about the time before she came to the field of acting. “I studied at St. Lawrence College, Wellawatta, up to my O/Levels and then joined ACBT. Though my target was a degree there, as soon as I got my Diploma, I had to give up the course to pursue my career of acting!”

“Do you regret having made that sacrifice?”

“No, I don’t think so. I love this field too and enjoy the accolades that come with it!

“Can you tell us about them?”

“Well, I started in 2006 appearing for TV Commercials, and then in 2007, I started acting in Teledramas. In 2008, I got the opportunity to do the first main role in the teledrama Muthu Kirilli, and that was my 3rd drama in the acting field. I gained a lot of popularity from this drama, it changed my whole life. I won so many awards such as, 2009 Most Popular Actress Award at the Raigam Tele Awards and Sumathi Tele Awards, 2010 Most Popular Actress Award at the Raigam Tele Awards, 2011 Most Popular Actress Award at the Raigam Tele Awards and Youth Actress of the Year Award at the ‘SLIM’ People’s Awards, and The Best Voice Award at MACCO Awards in 2010.

Nehara 8

(Contd. in the US Lanka magazine)

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