About Us

In an ever globalizing world, UsLanka is a US-based online magazine.

UsLanka magazine presents its readers with assortment of fashion, celebrity and entertainment news based on Sri Lankans worldwide in English and Sinhala languages.  Managed by Boston Lanka, the magazine consists of a kaleidoscope of features ranging from inspirational stories, exclusive interviews of prominent figures and photo spreads of upcoming models and actors.  The magazine collaborates with writers from all over the world, including the US, Sri Lanka, Australia, the UK, Canada and Europe.

UsLanka will be the first of its kind, an elite publication, which will provide opportunities for artists to gain recognition, for writers to acquire their voice and for its readers to connect to each other.

The UsLanka team hopes to play a part in celebrating the pride of Sri Lanka, encouraging the prospect of networking, advertising and commerce, as well as supporting the Sri Lankan entertainment industry.

For any information:

Contact Chitral de Mel – Tel. 001 5086485104